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Wine Beginner

Wine Beginner Coursework
Each course has its own text, which covers most, if not all of the material to be covered on the exam. These materials are offered in several ways, and you may choose how you'd like to view it. You may elect to read the course text online. Or, if you prefer, course text may be selected by topic (printable pdf). You may also view and print the entire course from a single file (printable pdf.) Choose how you'd like to see the material, and you're on your way.

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View Coursework as PDFs

Prefer to print the course or chapters of the course by topic? Find links to that material here.

Cellaring and Storage >
Classifications of Bordeaux >
Climate >
Closures >
Fortified Wine Production >
Michigan Wines >
Prohibition >
Sake >
Sparkling Wine Production
Wine Faults >
Wine Label >
Wine Service >
US Wine Regulations >
Varietals >
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Don't Forget to Review the Basics
For each wine course, it is important to also review the basics. Particularly when studying wine, the place the wine originated can make all the difference in the style, varietal, blend, aroma and flavor. As such, the following overview documents are available to help you study. These documents present elements on applicable climate and terrain, soils and other agricultural items, regions or appellations, and varietals. You'll want to closely review the syllabus for this wine level to determine just what items require your attention in each of these documents. (These overview documents are available to each wine course level, and the material is the same for each.)


Finish with Other Reading
As you approach the time you take your first practice test, you will have put some time into reading and prepping for your exam level. However, there are a few outstanding items that might best be delivered in the form of additional links, handouts, or other. If additional reading exists for this level, those links appear below.

Wine Glossary
Varietals Chart (Study Guide)


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