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RAISING THE BAR is brought to you exclusively
by Imperial Beverage of Kalamazoo, MI.
All components were developed solely by Imperial Beverage, and all rights are reserved.

At Imperial Beverage, we support safe alcohol related practices.

Using Your Knowledge

The more you know, the further you know you have to go.
It's no secret that the more knowledge you have, the more you realize what you don't know. The same istrue here. At Imperial, we are in a constant state of searching for the next new thing, a better understanding, and more knowledge. It's the biggest part of the reason we created Raising the Bar!

Because we are in a constant state of learning, we intend to continually shape the content of Raising the Bar. Our team plans:

knowledgeMonthly reviews of specified content; with edits immediately applied

Quarterly meetings to discuss syllabi content, and 'fill holes' identified throughout the build

Regular development of new exam questions, with edits immediately applied

Our commitment to you, our customer, is to continually review and edit, so that the content remains accurate and relevant, and reading recommendations and other linked content remains fresh and new.

What's next for you?
You may wish to obtain a nationally recognized certification. If you have been through each of the levels of Raising the Bar, you are more than adequately prepared for a Sommelier or Cicerone exam. Or, perhaps yourtraining can be put to other uses. We recommend:

Harnessing your new-found knowledge into a training position on your restaurant or retail team
Becoming the "go-to" person on your team for recommendations
Consider writing a blog, or contributing product reviews online at consumer driven sites, like
Or maybe, just maybe, becoming part of the Raising the Bar team. We would love your input during our reviews.

The sky is the limit.
All we ask: don't let the knowledge slip away. Taste. Learn. Always review. You have, after all, Raised the Bar. Be proud of your effort, and apply it.